About GTR Inc.

In order to contribute to the reduce pollution of the natural resources in Puerto Rico, Green Tire Recycle, Inc., has identified the management and disposal of discarded tires as a constant source of pollution in terms of safety, which requires special attention.

For the past years, the proper management of waste tires has been one of the major challenges faced by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Obviously we have witnessed the accumulation of discarded tires around the island, which create grave and serious problem of environmental pollution and health. So much that the proliferation of illegal dumps and the epidemics of dengue-causing mosquitoes which it develops, affect citizens in general.

To contribute to the solution of excessive accumulation of tires on the island, GTR has made arrangements with two end recipients as are companies Feng Shun Import and Export Company & Glass Chu Lai Join Stock Company, located in the province of Quang Nam in Vietnam for Puerto Rico from discarded tires. This will be exported in 40 cubic feet containers of through the CDC Caribe, Inc. shipping company, which will be providing about 100 containers per month to GTR.

GTR is a for-profit corporation registered in the State Department. This company is one of the few, which has the required permissions and have contacts with shipping companies to export tires of all sizes to the Asian market.



Our facilities have an area of 30,000 square feet and are located in ai industrial urban setting in the town of Toa Baja.

We are open to the public, Monday thru Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will receive used car, truck and cross country tires, regardless of size or weight thereof, any carrier authorized by JCA (Junta de Calidad Ambiental) that wants to bring tire cargo to our facility.










We have an electronic weighing system, which contains a reliable record and control mechanism that can store data on the identity of each truck or heavy wagon, which will follow a program of regular calibration as recommended by the manufacturer or during the term required by law.

Tires accumulated in the storage area are moved into the three (3) Compactors & Packaging Machines. These Packaging Machineswoll manage a capacity of approximately 120 tires per package, in a approximate time of 20 minutes. These bales are then bounded by metal wires.

Compacted bales will be transferred to preweighted shipping containers. If the containers are not available, bales produced in excess will be stored in areas adjacent to our facility.

Según se vayan compactando los neumáticos, los mismos serán transferidos a los contenedores marítimos previamente pesados. De no tener disponible varios contenedores marítimos, las pacas producidas en exceso serán almacenadas en áreas aledañas a nuestras facilidades.

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